Jim and Sandy are on the front lines – literally – of the battle between dark and light.  They have been missionaries in Ukraine for the past 29 years.  Over the years, they legally adopted 50 children and those “children” are now having children.  When the recent war between Russia and Ukraine began, the McCann’s retrofit their four existing locations to house refugees.   It is so significant that they already had the infrastructure in place to respond to the current crisis.  Because of this, they can host and minister to displaced citizens, and they are helping them find safety in neighboring countries.  Jim and his team are also traveling into war zones to provide much-needed relief to soldiers in combat. 

To support a refugee in Ukraine, $140 will cover a month’s worth of living expenses (food, iodine, and housing costs).

If you would like to send Jim on more aid visits to soldiers who are in combat in Eastern Ukraine, each trip costs around $1,000 for fuel and lodging.

For a greater long-term impact, the McCann’s are continuing to renovate their four centers to host more displaced citizens.  They are seeking to raise $500,000 for building improvements. These improvements will allow them to increase their capacity from 62 displaced citizens to 300 displaced citizens