Giving our best to those who have the least


Our Mission

We accomplish this by coming alongside people who have a vision and a proven track record of faithfulness. We partner with HEROES by adding resources to them, so that they can make a greater impact in their circle of influence. The goal is empowerment. Spiritual, cultural, and generational impact are outcomes we seek when supporting our HEROES.

HFTW Foundation

Heart For The World Foundation exists to fan the flames of revival by empowering hidden heroes to expand their reach and make Heaven bigger and lives better.


Our most important values


God is a generous Father. We look most like Him when we give. We give based on His supply, not ours.


Each person is made uniquely in God’s image. We value people for who God created them to be, not who we think they should be.


Many miracles take place in the management. We aim to be good stewards of all He has given.


We give our best to those who have the least.


We are sons and daughters of God. We live as noble kids of the King – walking in integrity, responsibility and great faith that nothing is impossible because of who our Father is.


We are unashamed to support heroes who seek to advance the cause of Christ. We intentionally invest in people who seek the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Your donations go to help fund specific projects and programs that produce measurable results. The results will often be both practical and spiritual.

the needs are endless. WHO WE ARE ISN'T CHANGING.
the heart of our mission isn't changing.
but how we go about.

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