1.  Are my donations tax deductible?
Heart For The World has been recognized by the IRS as a 501c(3) organization. All donations are deductible, to the extent allowable by law.

2. Where do my donations go?
Your donations go toward supporting our heroes’ projects and programs. We aim to keep administrative costs low so that we can send as much as possible directly to the field.

3. How do you identify hidden heroes?
Historically, our heroes have been identified through relationship. With each of our heroes, our goal is to develop trust and lasting relationship. Generally, we first start with a project (a smaller dollar amount with a specific time limit). Depending on the outcome of that project, we will consider future projects and potentially a program that seeks a longer-term impact.

4. How can I get more involved?
There are several ways to get involved. You can become a monthly supporter to help fund our stewardship office that helps us keep adding and training more heroes. You can also donate directly to one of our heroes, and all these donations go directly to our heroes.

5. How do I become a hidden hero?
If you would like to be considered, please apply at HERE.