We have an exciting opportunity to partner with our friends Pastors Charlyn and Gaddiel Gambe and Ian and Maggie Santizas.  They lead the ministry of Vineyard Davao and Family Care and Development.

The Davao team is in the process of acquiring a beautiful property to become a mission hub for all of their amazing ministries.  This base of operations will serve the needs of people living in the Isle Verde area of Davao – the Badjao people and so many others living in poverty and need.

Their ministries include feeding and discipleship programs for children, primary healthcare services, church services, family and educational mentoring.  They also have a dream to provide a branch ministry training center to train the next generation of church leaders.

We at Heart for the World so believe in this vision, that we have committed to providing a matching grant of up to $80,000 for donations given between now and March 2024. This property cost over $300,000, but they have already raised over $160,000!  That means that our matching gift would push them over the finish line, and this property would be completely paid for by next spring!

If you would like to make a donation but have more questions about this project, please email us at info@heartfortheworld.org, or call us at 915-532-2023.