Pastor Vicky

I am struck by the life of Joann, an 8-year-old boy who through the Bible studies we give at the feeding centers, testifies that his heart burns for God and that he longs to preach the Word. He says thank you for teaching us the Word of God. He and his sister began to go to the feeding center while their mother worshipped death. The children could not sleep because they were always afraid, and when they began to go to the feeding center, we began to pray. We prayed for their mother, and the Lord delivered her from a spirit of death and now they are part of the church!

Iniciativa CompasiĆ³n

Iniciativa Compasion (IC) is a coalition of churches and ministries in Mexico, collaborating to transform communities.  The mission of IC is to set forth projects focused on transforming society through activities that fully meet physical, spiritual, and social needs by creating programs and collaborating with hidden heroes.  Giving the most vulnerable the opportunity to develop […]